Warranty – Zipspoon


 Consumer Notice: Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled a replacement or refund for a major product defect after photographic review and discretionary approval by Zipspoon.

  1. Conditions, warranties and other provisions which apply to or in respect of the Goods under or by virtue of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010(Cth) as amended from time to time or any other enactment of the Commonwealth of Australia or of any State or Territory thereof and which, by or under that enactment, cannot be excluded from the contract for the supply of Products by Zipspoon are declared to apply to the contract without restriction, limit or modification.
  2. Following the provision of the Products, the Customer shall be required to inspect the Product and within 12 calendar months of the receipt of the Goods and Services notify Zipspoon in writing of any Product which do not correspond with the order, contain defects, are damaged, in a state of disrepair or otherwise not merchantable and fit for purpose. Zipspoon shall be entitled to inspect the Products following receipt of such notice to verify the Customer’s claim via photograph. 
  3. To the extent permitted by law, Zipspoon liability for any Product which do not correspond with the order, are defective, damaged, in a state of disrepair or not merchantable and fit for purpose shall be limited to either replacing the Product or repairing the Product. 
  4. To the extent that the Australian Consumer Law applies in relation to warranty claims arising upon the supply of any Product by Zipspoon to a Consumer as defined under the Australian Consumer Law, then the following shall apply:

4.1. If there is a major failure with a Product, the Customer is entitled to: reject the product and get a replacement of similar value. 

  1. To issue a warranty claim, the Customer will be required to: a) return the Product to the place of purchase if practicable or request Zipspoon to inspect the Product virtually through photograph; b) present their receipt/invoice as proof of purchase; and c) identify the defect in the Good.

5.1. Zipspoon contact details for making a warranty claim are as follows:


 Email: contact@Zipspoon.com.au

5.2. Zipspoon will try and meet the reasonable expenses incurred by the Customer in making a warranty claim.

5.3. Zipspoon shall be entitled to inspect the Products to verify the validity of the Customer’s warranty claim. If there is no defect in the Products after inspect and testing, the Customer must pay Zipspoon’s usual costs of service work and testing.

5.4. To the extent permitted by law, this warranty shall not apply where: the product has been repaired, altered or modified in any way by a person other than Zipspoon, or the product contains defects or damage caused by the use or misuse of the Customer or a third party or as a result of not being properly used in a manner contrary to the relevant intent, or Zipspoon cannot establish any defect or fault after testing and inspection, or where the product has been subjected to abnormal conditions or environments. Furthermore, the warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear.

5.5 The Customer must bear the cost of transport of the product to Zipspoon in connection with the warranty claim (and during such transportation the product is at the Customer’s risk). Zipspoon will bear the reasonable costs of the return transportation of the product to the Customer once the warranty claim has been processed and finalised.