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About us

At Zipspoon we have always been conscious of environmental causes and recognised the increasing movement of governments gradually passing legislation to eliminate single use plastics. Yay! The problem was we saw no great alternative for cutlery. Bamboo and wood utensils have an odd texture and aftertaste, paper straws fall apart and normal steel cutlery was hardly inspiring to use on the move. So we made it our mission to create reusable, portable and sustainable cutlery that you will WANT to take anywhere and show off because it is unique, fun and a statement to your individuality.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business and are based in Queensland. Our cutlery is designed for lifetime use and was created for you to have many culinary adventures together. Just like reusable coffee cups, it is our mission to standardise reusable and portable cutlery as not only being great for the environment but also as a great sense of style. And this is just the beginning! Welcome to the Zipspoon fam xxx